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Three cops freed of extorting gay men by Althea Burrell @one876 @prgirl876

Three cops freed of extorting gay men by Althea Burrell @one876 @prgirl876 Featured

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Three police officers walked away free of charges under the Corruption Prevention Act when they appeared before RM Jacqueline Wilcott recently in the Spanish Town Resident Magistrates' court.  


Allegations are that on January 23, 2013, the lawmen were on patrol along the Hellshire main road about midnight when they observed a vehicle parked in a dark area. When the investigated, two men were seen in a compromising position
It was outlined that one officer attempted to solicit $500,000. An unknown sum was paid over and a report made to the Anti-Corruption Branch and an investigation launched.
It was then that Corporal Tyrone Harvey, Constables Kerry-ann Williams and Lamore Small were charged with breaches of the Corruption Prevention Act.
When they appeared in court, the Crown upheld a no case submission due to the continuous absence of the complainants.
The cops were represented by Shawn Kinghorne and Peter Champagnie.
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