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Serial housebreaker sentenced ! by Althea Burrell @prgirl876 @one876

Serial housebreaker sentenced ! by Althea Burrell @prgirl876 @one876 Featured

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A man who recently served nine months at hard labour for housebreaking and larceny was again sentenced for a similar offence when he appeared before Resident Magistrate Horace Mitchell today. 



"Mr.  Walker didn't you appear before already on a similar offence for which you were sentenced?" the judge asked.

The accused, Odane Walker, responded in the affirmative. 

"And yet still you are here again for housebreaking and larceny, the same charge for which you are serving a sentence. You are a very busy man cause I see where along with this charge, you pleaded not guilty for two other counts of housebreaking and larceny and receiving stolen property," the judge further outlined.

"You have anything to say before I hand down your sentence,  not even to beg for a chance? " RM Mitchell enquired. 

Walker was then sentenced to nine months at hard labour to run concurrently with the sentence he is now serving.

The trial for the three other cases is scheduled to begin on March 17, 2016.

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