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Man charged $50,000 for operating dance without a permit @one876 @bounce876

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A man was fined 50,000 or six months imprisonment for operating an event without the required permit when he appeared before RM A. Nembhard in the Spanish Town Court  
The man was charged under the Noise Abatement Act and pleaded guilty with explanation.

The man, sporting a dreadlocked hairstyle kept speaking out of turn even when told to desist by the judge. His attempts to defend himself triggered titters of amusement  from court personnel.  RM Nembhard, who appeared to be getting increasingly irritable as the man rambled on, cut him off abruptly and summarily fined him $50,000 for operating an event with the required permit.
He told the judge that he didn't have the money to pay the fine, but his pleas were ignored. 
The man's co-accused also pleaded guilty, and was fined $15,000 for operating a sound system without permission. However, he pleaded with the judge that he had only $5,000. She accepted his pleas and he was allowed to pay a part of the fine and leave.
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