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A woman who did not send her daughter to school for several months because of financial problems got a tongue-lashing from RM Alicia Nembhard when she appeared before the judge in the Spanish Town RM Court on April 7, 2015.
The accused, Rosemarie Reid, is charged for breaching the Child Care and Protection Act for Negligence.
"I am beginning to sound like a broken record. I am seeing too many children doing all kind of things to get money to buy food, to go to school and it's the parents' responsibility," RM Nembhard said.
It was outlined by a member of the CISOCA office that her 15 year old daughter had not been attending school since April 2014.
However, the accused provoked the ire of the judge when she revealed that her daughter started going back to school in September of last year and that the reason why she had stopped was that she had no money and that she was a domestic helper and worked only five days per week and the father was not supporting the minor.
However, this didn't go well with the judge when the officer confirmed that the accused was lying and that the child had not been enrolled into an institution until March 2015.
"Madam, things are in place where help can be given. Have you ever considered taking the father to family court for maintenance? Whatever help that can be given to you will be given and there is also a group in St. Catherine where you can go and get proper parenting skills for the betterment of helping your children," RM Nembhard outlined before making a probation order for two years.
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