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Heavy fines for taxi hustlers

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It appears that taking the risk to operate a private motor vehicle as a public passenger vehicle (PPV) has become a very costly undertaking, and several persons are learning the hard way. Over the past week, several persons proved this to be true when they appeared in the Spanish Town Resident magistrate Court recently.



Charged with the abovementioned offence were Damion James,  Miguel Morgan, Richard Kelly and Shawn Walker who were each fined $20,000 or 30 days imprisonment. The law also states that this offence also carries a penalty of no insurance coverage. For this they were fined $1,500 or 10 days imprisonment.


Also appearing before Resident Magistrate Carr were Aware Wilks charged with obstructing traffic, no badge and taking up passengers at an  undesignated area.  Wilks was fined $5,000 or 10 days each on the first two counts and $10,000 or 10 days.

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