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DOG-STABBER REMANDED AGAIN!!! You can't kill a mongrel and get away with it @one876

DOG-STABBER REMANDED AGAIN!!! You can't kill a mongrel and get away with it @one876 Featured

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  When Carlton Powell appeared in the Spanish Town RM Court today with Leathon Finn on his behalf, it wasn't expected that the wrath of RM Natalie Brooks would have lashed out.

Finn who was adamant that it was unfair for Powell to be in lock up for over six months behaved in a boisterous and unfitting manner and had to be told to seize and detest by officers in the court repeatedly and on many occasions refused to stop speaking.

He was given a stern lashing by the judge who normally had a smile on her face. "If a relative needs him in their care then on the next court date after he sees the pssychiatrist then it may be granted", RM Brooks said.

The wrath of the RM continued and she ordered: "madam crowne please to write a letter to the relevant, supervisors, superintendents, DCP in charge of operations to let them know that prisoners in St. Catherine who are schedule to have their psychiatric evaluation done are not being seen by the doctor and its wasting the court time. The personnel who work both in the detention and courthouse needs to know why this is not done", RM Brooks outlined.

Powell who is alleged to have used a knife to stab a dog repeatedly and removing its organs was remanded for psychiatric evaluation until June 23, 2015.

"I know you are frustrated and angry Mr. Finn but you don't come hear and raise your voice and lash out especially at me because its no fault of mine why you are here. I am not minded to release him into your care and then we have allegations of a similar nature to a human being", RM Brooks said.

It was at this time that Mr. Finn beg forgiveness and apologise for his behaviour.

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