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Bike stolen from police station, man arrested by Althea Burrell

Bike stolen from police station, man arrested by Althea Burrell

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    The explanation of an accused man who pleaded guilty with explanation for receiving stolen property left Resident Magistrate Tara Reid Carr in a state of shock and disbelief earlier this week.      
The accused, Steve Robinson, professed innocence.
"Your honour I didn't know it was stolen. Is a police link I have and he said dem have an auction and dem a push out some bikes and mi give him $10,000."
It was outlined that the bike was seized by the police for no proper documents and was kept on the grounds of the Spanish Town Police station.
When the bike's owner, Damion McLean, returned to the station, the police realised the bike was stolen from the property.
An investigation was launched and Robinson was arrested and charged for knowing that the 2011 red motorcycle was stolen or unlawfully obtained.
Robinson's criminal records, along with an social enquiry report, were ordered. He awaits sentencing on February 2, 2016. His fingerprints was also ordered.
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