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Why would Shabba and Beenie Man have beef.......

Why would Shabba and Beenie Man have beef....... Featured

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  The major reason that Beenie and Shabba could have beef could stem from a television interview where Beenie Man was asked if anybody else could get the massive turnout that greeted Shabba at the airport in 2012 before Reggae Sumfest. AT the time, Beenie Man replied "of course, anybody can get that, you haffi just pay for it."

Beenie Man believes that his comment may have been taken out of context. 

"I was saying that to do a motorcade costs money because you have to pay for transportation to take persons to the location and back home. It takes money to organise that. I was not saying that people were paid to go see Shabba," Beenie Man said.

In 2012, Ninja Man went to the press and said that he believes that the comment shows that Beenie Man is jealous of Shabba.

"A me buss Shabba, so from you dis Shabba, you dis me. Shabba do work whe nuff artiste never do yet. Him leave Jamaica and give di artiste dem space fi make money. Beenie Man a talk bout how a buy di man buy him motorcade when him come a Jamaica, Beenie Man you badmind Shabba. You too bad-mind," Ninja Man 

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