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Why dem a try mix up the Warlord on the 'My Boy Lollipop' song?? Featured

Archive Written by  ABENA Wednesday, 07 December 2011 03:20 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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Everything ah just Bounty Bounty Bounty. The man do an international sounding song afta Millie Smalls Billboard hit, My Boy Lollipop and all yu can hear is who ah lick who? And who ah suck who? The warlord say anyting bout lollipop and dem ting de? No? So wah all the dutty comments pon youtube bout the man, yu can tell say ah Gully fans ah do dem ting de because one time it woulda be Gaza fans but dem gone inna hiding, dem jump offa the bandwagon and all chip up dem knee, dem a hide right now the way dem shame so ah muss the Gully fans dem a dweeet and because dem mind inna the gully wid the dutty pad, empty bottle and black scandal bag wid faeces dem, ah do dem a pree the ting yusimme. Tut. Tut. Tut. Shame on you.
Yu tink the election ah go cramp the partying over the Xmas season? Mi feel so because nuff ghetto people ah go fraid fi come out when the guns dem start bark all over the place as the election tensions heat up, yu nuh see a pure bus stoning incidents ah gwaan, one JLP councillor dead, one nedda one dead ah one hotel, and mi hear say ah next Labourite get shot outta east when him ah go in from conference the other night because him live inna one PNP area. Wah gwaan inna the country? Nuff foreigners ah look fi cancel dem ticket, dem nah come out to no violence this Xmas.
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