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WAIT A GODDAMNED MINUTE....Tanya Stephens doesn't forgive Lady Saw Featured

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As expected, the acerbic Tanya Stephens has her bullshit radar up and running and has openly dismissed Lady Saw's attempts at a public apology. She poured cold water over the idea of Lady Saw's conversion.   


"Incidentally... I'm listening out for a clear and detailed apology first to Lady G and then to myself. Maybe then I'll think it's a little less laughable. A no di one weh s@#% a pass memba, a di one weh tep in deh! Jamaica, for the new year you simply must stop misdiagnosing mental illness and bad behaviour of spoilt brats."

That was what reggae singer Tanya Stephens, wrote on her Facebook page on Tuesday.

The post was not to be missed by persons who thought Stephens was taking jabs at the recently converted Lady Saw.

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