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Teflon ready to clash anybody!!! Featured

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In his own words "Me ready fi clash any artist weh have a problem with di me . We nuh deal wid badmind, we nuh born wid it or catch dem things deh. Nuh blood boiling, We system clean, lone Ital food and herbs to we system".


And if you wonder where this comes from, very simply... Sting and the unfinished "Rumors Of War". After releasing "Nah Tek No Talk", Teflon was inundated with his fans asking for more. Of course Teflon wants it to be clear that first and foremost he loves and breathes for his craft, his music, and that any clashing is for lyrical entertainment and not personal, well not personal to any artists, but some of it personal to some parts of the business. So to "Follow Di Arrow" he aims and promises to give his fans what they want, and at the same time, if any artist dare to challenge him, he's willing and able!



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