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Archive Written by  ABENA Friday, 28 June 2013 09:19 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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Lastnite was a good look #TeamMacka tek onn Spanish Town n OMG di vibes tunup (((loud))) 1st stop Pure Seduction n me just waan say big up Zj Liquid n Mad Ras!    

Mad Ras u baaaad a u give di biggest speech pon "Twist Me" mi say wen di song drop di place get wild n noh ask if Mad Ras noh bore hole inna di cd bcas da mixing n scratching n dem pull up deh neva normal! Den him go drop Dye Dye n Dem av a girl inna di party weh say she name Macka Diamond but Mad Ras say aka Pan Turtle Oh My Word! What she gwaan wid did want Ripleys Believe It r Not bcas t'he rest is history!

Next Stop Chicken Back Wenzdeh n omg even if u had no BBM service u cud still got connected bcas BlueTooth was in high Rev=)) vibes loud but wen Bluetooth drop Macka Diamond "Twist Me" all man a run een wid di fawud dem! Yow ends a pull up fi di song! Twist me gone! Peeps of course u know Dye Dye a di gal anthem so wen Dye Dye drop n gal start roll  we haffi follow di riddim n tek weh we self and jump ova sum a dem fi avoid lick dung! No sah Loggo Loggo av nutn pon dem gal ya lastnite wen Dye Dye drop!

Di party noh tunup it tunova!

It was a good look

TeamMacka wanna just say big up, thnx n nuff luv to all who a endorse Macka Diamond! Hardwork she say n we kno it will pay off!

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