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Archive Written by  ABENA Wednesday, 04 May 2011 09:25 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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Yo, the streets dash dem hand inna the air and gi Kartel the winnings, dem caan stop him, dem splice ah song wid him ah kiss off a battyjaw and the ting still nah drop, everybody give up and just give him the winnings and dash in dem hand. People, the way the man billias, him declare today TEACHA DAY, not the teachers' dem day, how him so billias?




Yo, the ting amp up last weekend at jouvert when bout 25 man ah enjoy demself a wine up man a sexy gyal who ah dash it up pon everybody over the venue. But then, one ah the man dem get brave and decide fi cop a feel, and when him grip the gritty bag wid the two balls dem inna it, him give the sound and start put on lick and alert everybody. Crazy kick and box de crossdresser get and tek weh him dutty self and run go down ah the station inna New Kingston fi seek asylum. The people dem outside ah shout 'send out the battybwoy mek wi murder him', but the funny man police nuh do nothing. Then about an hour later, one big Prado drive up and a brown skin man jump out and say 'nobody touch my vehicle' and run go inna the station and smuggle out the batty bwoy unda police escort. Wah a gwaan inna little Jamaica????

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