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Sexual Harassment Witchhunt in the workplace by Claude Mills Featured

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JAMAICAN MEN have never been accused of being gentlemen. Over time, many have honed an anything-goes modus operandi to approaching the opposite sex. The male MO is one-part romance, one-part attraction and two parts Stone-Age aggression.
I have always been surprised at just how much Jamaican men have been allowed to get away with by women. But then, a lot of Jamaican women are sheep, too few of them ever protest, or chew off a man's head when he paws them on the street or gives a not-too-inadvertent grope while standing in the elevator. All they do is bleat and complain long AFTER the act.
Will they stand up for themselves? Nah, they like to play victim a little too much. They hardly ever set clear parameters as to what they will tolerate from men in general. They just smile weakly, and brace themselves for the worst, and then when the men misbehave, they say 'see, all men are dogs'.
Gimme a break. Maybe men are just dogs because women expect us to be. Think about it.
In the meantime, while the introduction of sexual harassment legislation may cause discomfort in the minds a few of the 'one-handed' typist types and serial huggers, it is being greeted with a big yawn by the majority of male workers. Who cares? they say. No groping? No ogling? No pinching? Wasn't that the state of affairs before? BFD.
Men are wary of the witch hunts that are sure to follow the enactment of any sexual harassment legislation in Jamaica. Knowing the male-hating tribe that now exists, I have no doubt that the law will usher in a new era of sexual McCarthyism, where men will be accused on the mere whim and will of a woman.
As the Chinese are fond of saying, may we live in interesting times.
The rules of engagement will have to change. In this new era, how can the average man even try to initiate consensual sex in the office? Do we have to come with a universal set of hand signals to let two willing adults know that the loving can begin in earnest? Some men - the oily perverts - will go in the first wave, then the next wave will include men who were really 'misunderstood' in their gestures, winks and comments.
The rest of US (me included) will dig in for the long haul. The office is going to be a mighty cold place to work as men withdraw into their shells, and begin to hold back romantically. I am even thinking of starting a support group, MARVEL (Men Against Ridiculous Victimisation Engineered by Ladies) and wait for an opportunity to launch counter sexual-harassment suits. Unlike women, we will not take abuse lying down.
Women, and even other men, are openly contemptuous of male victimisation. I've heard them laugh at length at what they call the 'stupidity' of the idea. Pop-feminists would have us believe men hold a virtual monopoly on sexual violence, power and discrimination because, ostensibly, we live in a "man's world." By this logic, it is almost impossible for women to harass men.
But we need to re-educate our men to survive in this Brave New World. Most men would not even recognise a situation when he is being sexually harassed anyway, unless that is, the harassment came from another man.
The legislators need to ensure that there is equity and that any new law will also speak to the possibility of male victimisation by females and other males. In an age where women are clamouring for equality, why should we create a situation where we are putting women on a pedestal of special protection?
We have to be careful that the new laws will not simply herald another era of male-bashing - some of which is deserved generally based of innuendo and male-hating lies.
I just hope that we don't get any severely 'female definitions' of sexual harassment where men are perceived as THE ENEMY. If that happens, it's going to get really psychotic in the workplace, and who needs that additional stress?
When the witch hunts begin, I'm going to have to sign up for a telecommuting job where I can work from the comfort of my home. At least, I am always welcome there
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