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Masicka disses Kalado on 'Crocodile Dem a Work' @masickamotion @michieboo101 @one876 Featured

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Masicka responded with 'Crocodile a Work', a song that went viral within 24 hours of its release on youtube.    


He deejays with real venom: "s---k yu madda, Bounty nuh waan see yu/gwaan sing yu likkle gal songs dem Neyo, dump him over Rio...rifle a wave/slap five inna ears/man a dive inna grave...".


"Ah attention him a look, but yu know from Kalado call mi name, mi have to defend it. Mi know say him ting drop off, and Bounty Killer huh waan see him because him no know wah him a say. So mek the fans dem know, mi a deal wid the matter real quick and end him career," Masicka said. 



He has an armada of new songs such as 'Hardball' on the Firestarter riddim for Yellow Moon Records, 'Lights On' on the Drugz riddim for Chase Mills Records and 'No Link' on the Take Ova Records label. He will also be shooting a video for Story Part 3.


"Kalado no good, him go ABC rhyme and freakiness, all now him no match up to 'Crocodile Dem a Work which do 10,000 views inna one day. Him fi know say any stage show mi see him  pon, mi a walk up on him and end him career," Masicka said. 


Kalado has responded with another song which directs jabs at Masicka's eating habits and makes mention of 'Corey Padd' and other disgusting habits. 

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