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Man injures baby during fight with babymother @one876 @bounce876

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A mother requested the judge to force her 'babyfather' to pay for a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) for her 12 month old baby who was allegedly injured during a fight with the man. 

Resident Magistrate A. Nembhard, who presided over the case, chided the investigating officer to produce a medical certificate for the case.  

"Officer, I don't care if you have to go St. Thomas, Portland or even Manchester but you need to find out where the baby received medical attention and present that certificate for the next court date," ordered RM Nembhard.

It is alleged that Jevaugh Muir, who is the father for the now one year old infant, hit the child causing a blow and bleeding to the back of the head.

Miss Dell, the mother of the child outlined that she was holding the baby in her arms when Muir attacked her and fought her causing the injury to the minor.

"Your honour is $15,000 for the brain scan and I want you to let him pay it cause is him cause all this and I don't have any money. You see your honour I have receipts at home to show when I was pregnant him push mi down and mi bleed fi four months straight. Him did wa mi do abortion and through mi say no, it cause a problem wid mi and him," Dell explained.

The judge outlined that based on Muir's representation she could not compel him at this time to make payment until June 12, 2015 when the case returns to court.

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