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Magma Drops When I Cry, a West Kingston anthem Featured

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Down Sound recording artiste Magma is the latest artiste to record a song called ‘When I Cry’ about the recent tribulations in West Kingston which resulted in over 70 deaths when the security forces invaded the community of Tivoli in order to serve an arrest warrant on area leader Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke.
Magma-When I Cry- by millsydon

“The songwriter Pearl and I wrote the song…the whole thing touched me deep, I have friends in Tivoli and I know others from West Kingston who told me of the ordeal, so I began to jot down a few things with my manager Josef Bogdanovich and Pearl, and what came out was a song which is political but focuses more on emotional side of this tragedy,” the Bermudan-born Magma said.

“This West Kingston thing is a complex and delicate issue, so many innocent people dead, Jamaica didn’t need something like this, I really feel it for Jamaicans,” the artiste whose real name is Adam Mayo, said. go

The lyrics of the single go:

The other day, the devil launched an attack
West Kingston tear down flat
Now it’s up to us to try and build it back
Using love, that’s where it’s at

What’s gonna happen to Passa Passa
Where we used to hold a joy wid one another
What’s gonna happen to Jamboree
Where the artistes used to come perform for free
I cry, ooh, ahhhh

“This is a real sad time for Jamaica and there should be a national day of mourning for what happened in West Kingston, the fallout of this will be felt for a long time,” he said.

Once called Mango Seed, he has transformed his stage show persona into a more fiery personality hence the name Magma. He is not too worried about the controversial line, "the devil launched an attack...'.

"It's not meant to be personal in any way," he said, smiling.

He explained the reason behind the changing of his stage name from Mango Seed to Magma.

“Magma is the metamorphosis of Adam Mayo and Mango Seed…I’ve grown a lot, just being in the school called Jamaica, it has helped me to better deliver the message of rastafari, and for me to be a great artiste, I had to know myself first…to get into the mystic and power of reggae music,” the artiste who became a Rastafarian from as early as 17.

There are plans to shoot a video for When I Cry over the Summer.
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