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Mad Cobra holds #1 for the last 7 weeks on FIWI Choice top ten chart Featured

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DJ Mad Cobra is having fun in the dancehall again, and topping charts in the process. The deejay’s hard-hitting ‘Dis Dem Anyweh’ has been number one on the FIWI Choice Top Ten charts for the past seven weeks.
And he is not stopping there. He has hit the local dancehall world with a barrage of new singles including 'Defend It' and 'Shell Dat' that have increased his local profile. “I came back because dancehall is boring. I do most of my shows in Europe. I haven't worked in Jamaica in five years and I am not looking to work, I know what my plan is, mi nah look no show, mi a put in the work," he said. He hardly does shows locally but still voices tunes on key dancehall rhythms that pique his interest. This policy, he says, is useful to avoid overexposure. "When you are overexposed people get tired of you. Sometimes people must expect to see you and ask what is happening with you. They must anticipate your next move," he reasoned. Mad Cobra believes that dancehall’s music decline in the box office is particularly troubling. "Most of the big names move from arenas to small venues. Dancehall is on a dive. Younger artistes can't deliver the songs how it sound on the recordings. Shows don't ram like how dem used to ram before," he said. Mad Cobra was at the forefront of the dancehall movement that invaded the USA in the 1990s. In 1992, his single, Flex went gold in the United States of America and peaked at 13 on the Billboard Hot 100. A few years later, in 1997, Cobra’s remix with Toni Braxton for her song, You're Makin' Me High sold 10 million copies worldwide. Since then, his edgy lyrics have never faded from the dancehalls, as each year he launches another local hit, stamping his name again and again in the business. A few years ago, the popular song, Press Trigger, did so well overseas that the huge Swiss pop group Teddy Bear did a remix of 'Press Trigger', and shot a music video for the song. He has never stopped deejaying so don’t call this a comeback, Mad Cobra said. “If I feel to deejay, I just deejay. I love music, but I don't run it down. I want people to want to hear me. Mi nuh need no comeback. I love music, but I never leave music. I just leave the spotlight. You have some people who will do anything to be the columns of dancehall. Mi nuh waan outshine the juvenile,” he said. The ‘column’ reference is a veiled diss to fellow deejay Beenie Man, who he attacks lyrically in his song Defend It. Style weh dem claim seh a lock place stale Mi stock lyrics, mi stock rhyme Dat man nuh waan see a next man climb Yuh mek fi own so lef di youth dem fi shine Column inna dancehall come a play want all Next likkle clown a play all is mine Yuh mek di money but yuh neva give back a dime
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