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MACKA'S FIRST EURO TOUR A SCREAMING SUCCESS @mackadiamond1 @sparkiebaby Featured

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By now, most if not all should know that Dancehall’s Goddess of Money, Macka ‘Dye Dye’ Diamond, is on her first official European Tour, but what many may not know, is just how successful the tour has been so far and the impact that Macka is having on her new found audience (who for the record, all speak a different language).

Yes, the success has been overwhelming, with every show a sold out experience so far. Macka explains. “The tour really started in the French Caribbean islands, where we did Martinique, Guadeloupe and French Guyana, before we actually arrived in Europe, and so far we have done five shows in Paris, one in Bordeaux, one in Toulouse, one in Zurich and one in Geneva, Switzerland, and the fans have been nothing short of exceptional. I mean, they know every song, even songs that I have a problem remembering the lyrics to, they know them word for word,” jokes Macka.
Leesah Larmond, Macka’s road manager describes the situation as overwhelming. “Performing to large audiences is nothing new for Macka, but performing primarily in front of an audience that speaks little or no English night after night, is definitely new, with the most interesting part of all being how verse these audiences are when it comes to Macka’s catalogue. They know every song, so much so that we have had to rearrange her set almost nightly, because everywhere we go, not only does the audience know the songs, but they are also requesting songs that Macka has not done on stage in maybe over ten years…Just the other night the audience in Bordeaux requested a song called; ‘oh what a pity’...a song that Macka could not do more than the chorus to, but since then has gone back to memory and revamped it.”
Macka is scheduled to return to Jamaica next week, but call her a visitor to the island, because within a matter of days she will be back on the road again, this time covering places such as Connecticut, Boston and California, but not before heading into the studio to add her vocals to what many of the DJs in France are touting as a local hit in their region, a combination with French Dancehall artiste Riddla, who shot to fame in 2010 with a remix of Vybz Kartel’s Clarks.
“This is my first European tour, and we are already getting calls to return,” declares Macka, “we are supposed to be heading back to France late December before heading over to the UK and then back to Jamaica for my birthday party, and there are already talks of performing at the Europe festivals in the summer, so it’s all good, a whole lot of work, but it comes with the territory.” Fans can catch up on all the tour happenings via Macka’s Instagram or they can go to to see clips and photos from each performance and behind the scenes photos.
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