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KARTEL NEWS: Does Kartel deserve more than 20 per cent of booking fees? Featured

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Ever since the Portmore Empire began to unravel with stories of greed and inequitable deductions, the question has arisen time and time again: Does Kartel deserve more than just 20 per cent of the performance fees commanded by the cadre of Portmore Empire artistes that he manages?  

Some schools of thought believe that Kartel could be entitled to as much as 50 per cent given that he spent millions of dollars developing and marketing the artistes in question. The costs include posters, videos, studio fees, voice training and legal expenses when they run afoul of the law. Some of the former artistes under his thumb have said that he took as much as 50 per cent, rather than the industry standard of 20 per cent.

"What Kartel would do was take the 50 per cent deposit and then send the artiste on the road and they would collect that 50, and out of that the roadie would get paid as well," one insider said. 

Still, it bothers some that Kartel has also locked up the publishing rights of several former Portmore Empire artistes for several years with hidden clauses in his contracts. 

"He has registered several songs, including hits that they have sung, as being written and composed by him. Many of the artistes won't find out to the extent to which he owns them until years afterwards," one expert said. 

"Kartel doesn't play. Once he does a song for you as a producer, he does the split sheets and puts out the song on his iTunes account quick and fast, long before you the producer wants to put it out."

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