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Harry Toddler is 'Swaggarific' Featured

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Harry Toddler has an uncanny ability to come up with new slangs and catch phrases, a skill that keeps him relevant in the dancehall today. His latest single, Swagga, shows that he still has the style and the flow that has made him one of the most consistent deejays in the last decade in the Dancehall Game.


Two years removed from his breakout year where he scored two number
one hits, Bruk Don and Don't Run In, Harry Toddler has continued to
write songs that resonate well in Kingston's competitive urban street
dance culture. Toddler remains a legend in the floss-or-die lifestyle
of dancehall.

"I just keep going, the dancehall is really responding to my latest
single, Swagga, in the dance, and I am getting better at balancing my
career and my personal life, spending time with my children, raising
them. Life is good," Harry Toddler a.k.a the Blond Ras, said.

Born Patrick Jackson, Harry Toddler grew up in Waltham Park area of
Kingston but spent most of his time hanging out in the Seaview Gardens
community, where he would often see deejay Shabba Ranks ‘chatting’
some of the hardest lyrics he had ever heard.

Inspired by the works of his Grammy winning icon, Toddler, who has
being deejaying from age nine (9) decided to go professional with his
craft. He went to the King Jammy’s studio, where he subsequently
recorded “Gal Yuh A Lead” in 1990, which did fairly well in the

After recording numerous songs as a solo act Harry Toddler hooked up
with deejays Elephant Man and Boom Dandimite and singer Nitty Kutchie
to form the Scare Dem Crew.

This dynamic quartet recorded a string of hits, including “Bay Gal
Want Mi”, “Many Many”, “Don’t Care For You” and their first number
one, “Badman Nuh Dress Like Girl”. Scare Dem Crew, with the help of
deejay Bounty Killer, soared to become the hottest group in Dancehall
music, but differences between members caused a breakup and Harry
Toddler once again was on his own.

But the creative deejay didn’t stop there, instead he hit back hard
with “Certain Bwoy” and “Hand Me The Fire”, and scored a huge number
one with Dance the Angel.

Gracing the stages of the top stage shows which include Sting, Sumfest
and Fully Loaded, and performing in countries such as Germany, the
US,several countries in the Carribbean and the UK, Harry Toddler is
known for his signature slangs, jahtem, and for creating a voice, a
style, a flavour unlike any other. One of his latest slangs is 'no dry
throat reasoning' which means that he cannot talk with a dry throat,
therefore, no reasoning unless you're buying the drinks.

"I have a good run in the business, I try to stay far from
controversy and the warboat ting. I understand that the world is
changing, and as a deejay, I have to be a good citizen of the world so
that I can continue to earn off my music. Toddler still has the
swagga, ah me say 'no bruk don caan run bout ya', ah mi say 'don't run
in' and the whole Jamaica tek it up, so I am still doing my thing,"
Toddler told one876.

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