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Fudgie Springer representing for Vybz International Featured

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After scoring a minor radio hit last year with 'Cattie Good' and he has been getting some mainstream airplay this year with 'Couple Up' on Links FM, and a new song called Give It Up which is an underground dancehall gem in the Pittsburgh.


"I am getting a lot of feedback on Twitter, Facebook, if yu check the Internet, you will see that my fan base is global, the girls dem love mi music, is only a matter of time before mi ting connect inna the mainstream," he told one876entertainment.

Born Duey O'mar Saxton in Savanna la Mar, Jamaica in 1977. He migrated to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvannia, in his teens and joined forces with like-minded individuals who wanted to shake up things a little in the music industry. Together, they were able to catapult Vybz Machine to the top of the reggae scene in Pittsburgh, changing the landscape forever, and secured dates in most major cities in the USA as well as dates in Germany, Japan and Jamaica.

But now that Fudgie's career has begun to take off, the profile of Vybz International is even higher than before.

"The ting ah work, people love the real dancehall, daggering, raw-chaw vibes that we bring to the game," Springer said.

He plans to shoot a video for his latest singles, Mek We F---/Give It Up which he will release on the major cable stations in Jamaica.

Fudgie Springer has performed in various cities in the USA, He has performed at several shows in Jamaica and had his first UK tour in June of 2k9. He attributes continuous promotion and acquiring and maintaining good contacts as keys to his forward progress in the dancehall industry. And he is going to release a new single called Give It Up in April.

With all the hard work he has been putting in, Fudgie is poised to have an even better 2010 with offers coming in for gigs in Japan and Europe. "The ting tun up right now, support Give It Up," he said.

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