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Archive Written by  CRYSTAL Sunday, 20 November 2011 06:58 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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Abena, mi know say yu a PNP and yu a mi friend but mi have news fi yu, a JLP time now. Mi de a conference inna mi full green, Gucci socks, Gucci sneakers, Gucci shorts, and mi green t-shirt, ah mi say full Gucci, any other Gucci ah Gapucchi. Right now, my Prime Minister ah gear up fi call the election, fi fly the gate and keep out the PNP pirate, ah LABOURITE TIME AGAIN. A bey! Conference buck, policeman get push down, the crowd crushing, dem not even a let in anyone else inna National Arena right now, mi girlfriend dem a send bb say dem stuck inna traffic pon Arthur Wint Drive, people dash weh inna green over ya, conference BUCKKKKKK wid 10 k. Yu know the old saying: 40,000 STRONG CAAN BE WRONG. LABOUR WE SAY
Yu nuh hear the new negro spiritual: Vote for Labour, Andrew Holness... call an election, vote for Labour!" Right now, that ah go be my ringtone. The PNP inna disarray, Portia nuh have no idea, Bunting too busy ah sue Shaw, KD Knight ah get old and nobody nuh waan see his misogynist, stuck-up ass, and PNP run up inna one brick wall. Dem force Bruce fi resign and ah dem worst nightmare. WHOIIIIII. Wah dem a go do when election call right before Xmas? Dem corner dark!!!
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