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Dolla Koin finds Summer hit with 'TIGHTS AND HEELS' Featured

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The Dancehall Artiste “Dolla Koin” was born Sean Simms at the Kiwanis Maternity Centre located in Tivoli Gardens. The youngest of four children, he was born on June 19, 1979. He hails from the Sunshine City of Portmore, St. Catherine, where he attended basic and primary schools. Now, he is ready to make his mark on the music business and some people are already calling him the 'Slick Rick' of Jamaican dancehall because of his lyrical wordplay and catchy singalong hooks.
Tights & Heels Mix (Clean) by millsydon


His love for music is an inborn passion that comes as natural to him as breathing. He remembers hearing music being played everyday in his house, as his father, an ardent music lover, had a small music system and “crates on top of crates” of records which he played every day. He started to develop on his keen interest in Music at the tender age of seven years when his neighbor would keep Sessions every Sunday with the help of sound systems such as ‘Electric Force’, ‘Commander Force’, ‘Soul Signal’ and several others. He would dance and sing along with these songs, sometimes staying awake late at nights to listen to songs.

In high school, he remembers often singing Buju Banton songs much to the appreciation of his family, especially his older female cousin, who would tell him that he sounded just like Buju. In his early teens, he often had friendly competitions with his peers to see who could get the most girls. To do this, he would often make up lyrics which he wrote down with the pencil and paper that he often travelled with and later recited to these girls.

He realized his lyrical writing potentials when a friend asked him to write a love letter to a girl on his behalf. He did just that, citing many ‘lyrics’ which contributed to his friend winning the affections of the girl. After a few letters, the girl realized that the person writing the letters was not the same person making passes at her. She eventually broke of the relationship, revealing that she was captivated by the lyrics of the unknown writer rather than the young man who was pursuing her as it became evident that he wasn’t as lyrical as the letters were.

The idea then came to him that he should try turning some of these lyrics into songs. Thus he began nurturing his God given talent for writing.

He describes himself as a GOD loving, kind, humble, ambitious and hardworking individual who aspires for greatness in his music so that he can inspire youths to nurture and use their God given talents to achieve their optimum.

His musical works include Mix Tapes and Songs complimenting women and doing counteractions to various dancehall Artistes. His popular songs includes singles such as ‘Dash it Way’, “Tights & Heals’, ‘No Bwoy ’and ‘Get Girl Easy’.

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