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Delly Ranx starts 'The Next Chapter' Featured

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  Critics have consistently hailed 'The Next Chapter' album by Delly Ranx as "one of the best reggae albums over the last 12 months" but it is more than that, it is a portrait of redemption for a dancehall artiste making a successful go at a second act as a father, husband and a spiritual force through reggae music.   
The title track, The Next Chapter, has been a local chart topper here in Jamaica peaking at #3 on the HYPE TV Top 20 charts, the top ten of Richard Banton's Dubplate charts in Canaada and in the top ten of the Stampede Street Charts, while the album itself held the #1 spot for several weeks on Richie B’s prestigious Jamaica Music Countdown Best Reggae Album chart.  High profile radio disc jockeys like DJ Smurf and ZJ Liquid have “Got it Forever” and “The Next Chapter” in regular rotation on their programmes so the album signalled a real maturation of Delly Ranx as a complete artiste, one who spans the worlds of dancehall and reggae with equal dexterity, soul and passion. 
"One of my favourite songs is Baby Cry featuring my daughter, Gabrielle. Gabby is my youngest daughter and I actually sampled my own daughter’s cry and made it part of the music.  Imagine that, me, a dancehall artiste who is known for songs like Headache, Pelpa, Pon Di Corner and Red Bull and Guinness, reaching a point of maturation of making music with my  baby daughter and it is a joy to see my own growth and to get a chance at redemption because life is more than just the bight lights of a stage and the roar of a crowd," Delly Ranx said almost philosophically.  
"I didn't get a chance to spend a lot of time with my older kids because as a dancehall act,  you are always on the road, so now, in my next chapter, I am getting to see my daughter grow up and I have remained close with all my kids, playing a role in their lives and that is so much more fulfilling."
Critics believe that the album has become a metaphor for Delly Ranx’s maturation as an artist.This beautiful full-length studio album, is a charming example of deeply mature songwriting and is buffered with warm guitars, groovy basslines and keyboards. The album also features a charming mix of collaborations with veterans in the music business, as well as rookie artistes just carving out a name for themselves.
"My music is a lesson that we can make 2013 a ‘next chapter’ in our lives.  The Next Chapter is not just an album title, it is a manifestation of my maturity, my emergence as Delroy Foster," he said. 
On the hit title track,  Delly sings: “I’m on a different mediation/ different page/different situation fi a different stage/ Nah tek dem temptation/ mi a work fi mi wage, good music mi a sing till di end of my days.” 
"My music is a reflection of my life, even stuff about Sting, I went to Sting, but I never performed and inna the song, mi say: “Delly nah go fight dis a nuh boxing ring, nuh vex if mi nuh perform a Sting, too much bottle fling!”  Ah just music, people might say it prophetic but this is the message the industry needs to hear.  Delly Ranx nah sell out him ting," he said. 
Last year, Delly Ranx did shows that crisscrossed continents, performing at several shows in the US, the Caribbean, Central America and even a gig in South America. 
His bookings are handled by the Pure Music Group Ja. He performed at a charity show in Mavis Bank on December 24th on Christmas Eve, and then at the Stone Love anniversary on December 29th.
Delly revealed that he had sold "almost 2000 copies of the Next Chapter online".
"The Next Chapter is available worldwide digitally, while fans who are interested in obtaining a hard copy of the album can log on to place orders," he said.
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