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Cen'C Love to present award to Rita Marley Featured

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Multi-talented singer/song-writer Cen’C Love is well on her way to become one of the most sought-after reggae singers around. She was recently chosen to be the youth ambassador for the Caribbean American Heritage Awards in 2011, and will be presenting an award to Rita Marley on behalf of the Washington DC based organization at their annual gala event on the 12th of November, in Washington.

The singer is thrilling audiences with her powerful vocals, plus commanding and entertaining stage presence where ever she performs. Born in America to Caribbean parents, Cen’C Love has an undying love for music, which she believes was inherited from her legendary father Neville Livingston, aka Bunny Wailer.

The conscious-minded singer, who is getting ready to drop her latest single titled Casanova, describes herself as hard-working and firmly believes that her lyrics will create a renaissance in reggae music.

“Louise Bennett is the perfect example of a renaissance woman. She blazed her own path leaving a legacy that Jamaicans should be proud of. She was a master comedian, poet, singer and activist. She also raised the dialect of the Jamaican people to art level.

“Like her, I am constantly working and developing my interest in several areas of music, visual arts and dance,” she said.

The Wailer’s legacy is clearly apparent in Cen’ C Love’s music, as her socially-conscious songs System, hits out against the corrupt Babylonian system and These Lies which speaks of women with low self-esteem and their obsession with artificial identities.

Her message of love is poignant and inspiring and has not gone unnoticed either, as she was recently asked to represent the Caribbean American Heritage as a Youth Ambassador for 2011. In addition to music, Cen’ C Love embraces a natural holistic lifestyle through Yoga, Meditation, Qi-Gong and holistic nutrition.

She also backs herself to be environmentally friendly, a proud mother and a lover of gaining new wisdom. By profession she also serves as a fashion designer and a visual artist, to go along with her many talents in music.

This she said is a direct result of strong parenting, “I’m not perfect but I work daily on polishing my life. Parenthood and music would be a challenge to me if I did not have the support from my family. I give thanks for them,” she said.

Cen’ C Love accepts that Jamaicans are much harder to please in comparison to international audiences, but said that the different challenges have helped her during performances.

“Jamaican audiences know and appreciate good music, so coming from a strong musical background I know I have to dig deep and bring it when I perform for them. International audiences are a little more forgiving. They love reggae music and will support you as long as they think you are authentic,” she added.

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