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Bounty Killer say the 'war caan talk over' wid Mavado Featured

Archive Written by  ABENA IN WAR MODE Wednesday, 27 July 2011 01:42 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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KILLER SAY IT CAAN TALK OVER People, the ataclapse start, Julian and Vado ah get gigi since the story buss and a drive up and down ah look fi Killer fi build back the peace. Dem finally buck Killer rounda Solid Agency but Killer say the war caan talk over, him anno walk over and run dem weh dog rotten.Look pon it people, Mavado dem never go 'Fully Loaded' so it clear wah dem de pon. Memba say Killer help nuff yute, go nuff stage show inna the ghetto so man can mek money fi send dem pickney go school. So how Chase Cross, who is not even a real artiste fi come diss Killer. The streets ah bun  Mavado wicked, dem a bun him wid some ah the torch dem weh I Octane walk wid go down a Sumfest, memba mi tell yu. Worse like how the General say the war caan talk over, yu know the ting hurt him. How him fi red eye Mavado mansion when Killer mansion worth bout 70 million, him retaining wall alone cost $5 million. Weh dem feel like? How Killer fi bad mind nobody and him still ah try buss yutes, even now, look how him ah help Bridgez, Iyara and Pattex dem. Mi no feel say Killer ah go mek Mavado escape like how Kartel escape the real judgment.  

People, mi tell yu say Khago is a performer, anyhow him get some bloodclaat song round here, dem ah go inna problem

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