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Blak Ryno Rushes Corey Todd with knife; gets beat-down Featured

Archive Written by  ABENA Wednesday, 29 September 2010 05:49 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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Whoi, mi body, a wah a gwaan pon the island, mi just get a call from people inna Mega Mart and pon mi bb say Blak Ryno get shell out by this tall yute, the man lift up Ryno and fling him inna one can of vegetables and run up him head inna one ah the shopping cart dem. It de pon the security tape and everything, dem say Ryno mussi attack the bredda wid a knife and ah say "mi ah Stingers" and a bagga ting and the yute shell off piece ah him face and disarm and deal wid him wicked. How dem artiste ya ah gwaan like dem wicked so and dem caan even tek a good punch inna dem face? Mi hear say ah the yute see Ryno and Ryno ask him who him ah call pon him phone and him respond fi say "ay dog-face suck pussy batty bwoy, go suck yu madda" and Ryno get vex and go fi a kitchen bitch outta him car and rush the yute, and the yute shell him down wicked. Rain a fall and the man dem head still hot. Whata ting, Jamaica! Mi hear say the yute ah wear ah Street Vybz shirt and Ryno well vex because him tune dem get ban from Di Building and all these things.



Special shout out to Mr. Vegas who is celebrating his birthday today. All the best with your musical career, you are one of the best and most consistent artistes in the history of dancehall.

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