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Beenie Man cancels Two for One performance with Shebada Featured

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Beenie Man's management team, MD Entertainment, has announced that Beenie Man will not be performing at this weekend's heavily advertised Two for One performances this weekend alongside stage performers Keith 'Shebada' Ramsay and Andrea 'Delcita' Wright.


"Beenie Man was originally booked for a 30 minute performance, but it appears that the producers of the show are building up Beenie Man's performance as a clash with Shebada and we won't have Beenie Man be a part of something like that . Beenie Man is not a circus act...and an international artiste of his calibre simply cannot be pulled into this situation, we are not being paid for a clash so their deposit will be returned, we will not be doing the show," Mario C, who is a member of Beenie Man's management team, said in a release.

The first sign of trouble appeared on Wednesday when a youtube video surfaced in which Shebada made negative disparaging comments about Beenie Man, and an insulting 'pork trotter' comment was especially nasty in light of Beenie Man's rastafarian religion, his management team said.

"However, Shebada has continued to hurl insults at the Davises, and made repeated references to Beenie and D'Angel in a derogatory manner, we will not be a party to what they are trying to create. This is not entertainment, this is slackness," Mario C continued.

Sources close to the situation say the problems started when Beenie Man referred to Shebada in an advertisment as "the other one".

When contacted, Bunny Allen, chairman of Stages Production, vowed that Beenie Man would be at the show.

"Just call me on Saturday at 10 p.m. and you will see that Beenie will be there," Mr. Allen said.


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