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Beenie, Bounty and Ele shell down Club Privilege Featured

Archive Written by  ABENA Thursday, 06 October 2011 02:28 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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How Beenie and Bounty ah gwaan like dem waan tek over the business now that the Gaza Boss gone a jail. The man dem gwaan wid a piece a ting ah Privilege pon Tuesday night, mi affi gi dem dem props.  Elephant Man go up first and call on Bounty and Bounty talk up a bagga tings bout Angel and Beenie and fish and taxman and a crocus bagga tings, but then Beenie Man go up de and rub him out wicked. BUSS HIM HEAD WID A RIVER STONE


Dem caan tell me nothing, meeting keep and all these things because mi nah pick up no real tension, dem know wah dem a do, dem know how fi handle demself and hold the fans' dem interest. Mi feel say ah dem Laing ah go bank pon fi STING this year. Ah pure almshouse ah gwaan wid Twins and Matterhorn and the pussies argument, Kiprich and Merciless, Firelinks and Killer, Beenie and Matterhorn, Beenie and Killer, STING IS IN THE AIR!! BUNG BANG

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