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Ah 'Coconut Tree' own the site that ah CRASH DEM HEAD! Featured

Archive Written by  ABENA Tuesday, 24 April 2012 02:41 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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How the police dem nuh know who is behind the new website and the streets stink with the talk say is the girl weh Matterhorn call 'Coconut Tree', the tall, pretty Red Bull girl that ah crash up everybody head? The whole ah Jamaica ah log on fi see the freakiness, and dem not disappointed. Dem need fi hire me because mi have the real suss roun here, ah just through Kriq and Millsy dem a say mi fi cool because dem waan tek the site inna different direction and all these tings, but mi caan tame, mi ah the fucking streets.  
N, mi rate yu, yu have the whole Jamaica in a tizzy. But dem a talk say yu a try extort 50,000 from Denyque manager fi tek down picture but mi no believe say is true. Mi hear somebody pay money and dem picture come down same time, but mi a beg yu, stop it because the police ah try set yu up inna dem sting operation. Don't ramp wid Denyque manager, once she start, she nuh stop. In the meantime, buss some new picture cause mi a log onto. One ah mi friend dem say dem waan mi send back dem naked picture weh mi have fi her from nineteen oh long, and delete dem outta mi email in case mi get hack, mi tell her say she fi stop fret because too late ah go be fi her cry, she shoulden tek dem inna the first place, better she go pray. My girl bex wid me, but mi no give a damn, she ah mi real friend so mi nah fuck her up but she figet say anno me one she send the shower pictures dem too and ah show off say she have the fattest pussy inna Middlesex and Surrey, who tell her fi go tek picture of her furry furry? Mi ah de baddest ting, ABENA SAY SO!!!!!!
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