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Producer Justus Arison has levelled a scathing broadside against Kartel's new controversial book, Voice of the Jamaican Ghetto. The producer, who teamed up with Patrick 'Roach' Samuels last year for the hit Overproof riddim is pissed at the comparisons that Kartel is trying to make with the revolutionary African-American Muslim Minister and human rights activist. Kartel in the past has hinted that he is an atheist and has publicly defended the bleaching of his skin. Arison has had enough!!!  


Producer Justus despise the book and the concept behind it.

This morning the creator of the Overproof Riddim, did a good hour and a half worth of venting about the book. According to him Kartel shouldn't be compared to the great Malcom X as its a "Mockery".


 But as we all know Vybz Kartel is a man of controversy, so a front cover like his, is something that many should have been expected.

Justus Tweets-

"Kartel is the complete opposite of Malcolm x how fuckin dumb are you?"

"Addi is a bleacher. And u compare him to Malcolm x?? Are you fucking kidding? How many crack ball u smoke to reach there?"

But it looks like its not just the front cover the producer has an issue with, as he later tweeted :
"Sending a big fuck you to the entire gaza!"

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