Monday, February 8, 2016

Luke Ellington wants 'Bad Influence' in schools
BAD INFLUENCE' SHOULD BE SHOWN IN SCHOOLS TO AVOID TEEN PREGNANCY - ELLINGTON   Playwright Luke Ellington is lobbying hard to get his latest play, 'Bad Influence', to be shown in inner city schools so that at-risk youth can make better choices and avoid the pitfalls of teenage... More detail
Bridgez sparks with 'My Way' for Diamond Music...
Check out Bridgez' empowerment anthem, My Way, on youtube. Also visit her social media pages: IG: BridgeZbaretta twitter: BridgeZbaretta and Facebook is still More detail
Bus crushes man in Spanish Town by Althea Burrell
Patience is a virtue in decidedly short supply. One man found out that the hard way as in his haste to be on his journey, he hopped on a bus, fell and was crushed by the wheels of the said bus.   More detail
Summer Roze KOs dancehall with 'Bumpa'...
Radio disc jocks are raving about a new single, 'Bumpa' by breakout Miami-based artiste SummerRoze.    More detail
Nesbeth makes political history with 'My Dream'
There are a couple signs that suggest that a song is a runaway hit....The frequency of plays on major radio stations, the children know the words, whenever the artiste performs the song live it's hard to get through the first verse without pulling up the track multiple times. More detail


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